Single People and Adoption: Should Adopting Be as Easy for Single People as it is for Couples?

I understand the importance of having two parents in a household. I was blessed to have an amazing mother and an amazing father. So, to be honest, I guess I am not eligible to speak on what it is like to grow up with only one parent, and the effects that that can have on a child. However, I have learned from my parents and friends, that at the end of the day, even if you have both parents or just one parent at home, what matters is the love and support (emotionally and financially) that they are able to provide for you. If single people want to adopt, and they are equipped with all of those things, I think that it should be just as easy for them to adopt, as it is for couples to adopt.

I can tell you this, if a single mother or father loved me unconditionally and was able to take care of all my needs voluntarily, I am pretty sure I would not be declining the offer. There is this stigma that two people are better than one, and in a way, that is true. There is double the love, double the finances, double the at-home care, etc. However, just because a couple wants to adopt a child, does not make them a healthy couple. It they are not a happy couple, now you will have double the fights, double the stress, and double the door slamming. See how that flipped everything around? Everybody has their own strengths and weaknesses. Single people should not be treated differently just because their “weaknesses” is more obvious. And why is being single considered a weakness? Why should a single person have a more difficult adoption process? There are plenty of single people who are wealthier and emotionally stable than a lot of couples.

At the end of the day, I feel that each adoption should be looked at on a case-by-case basis. I do not think it should be about whether a person is single, dating, or married. I think that it should be about what they can provide for the child, and who they are as people. What do you all think? Leave a comment down below and share your thoughts!

Single People and Adoption